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15 Best Sleep Bloggers to Follow in 2021

17 Best Sleep Blogger to Follow

Are you a sleep-deprived new parent or 1 of 200,000 Americans who suffer from insomnia? These 15 bloggers share their experiences + expertise on how you can achieve nights of restorative and peaceful sleep. Sweet dreams!


1. Doctor Steven Park is an ear, nose and throat surgeon who focuses on patients with breathing problems. He believes that these problems lead to sleep issues which may result in conditions such as high blood pressure, depression and heart disease. His philosophy is not only to address patients’ breathing problems as an isolated condition, but also to take into account their lifestyle as a whole.

Precious Little Sleep


2. This blog is fronted by Alexis Dubief who states that her superpower is how to get kids to sleep better. Her pages about sleep training and how to deal with the “cry it out” sleep training technique for babies could be the saving grace for all sleep-deprived parents.

Big Sky Lullaby


3. Diana shares her experience as a former sleep-deprived mom as well as her wisdom as a certified child sleep consultant. She offers parents the tools required to get their babies to sleep and in turn find the much-needed rest they deserve.

Insomnia Land


4. As a former insomniac, Martin Reed created his blog to help other insomniacs fall asleep without sleeping pills. He offers a free sleep training course and also spearheads his insomnia support forum that boasts more than 600 members.

The Sleep Sense Program


5. Dana’s program focuses on improving a child’s sleep rather than lecturing parents about a sleep philosophy. Her program takes into account the various parenting styles and through her guidance, lets parents choose an approach that is right for them and their baby.

Julie Flygare


6. Julie has received tons of press and is the spokesperson for narcolepsy, a neurological auto-immune sleep disorder that affects 200,000 to 250,000 Americans. She is the founder of Project Sleep, a non-profit organization that raises awareness about sleep disorders. Her blog is filled with information about how to cope with narcolepsy and the importance of sleep for overall health.

The Baby Sleep Geek


7. Jessica started her website and blog to offer information and assist families in experiencing restful nights for both the parents and their baby. She is trained as a child sleep consultant and offers personalized services packages, classes for parents as well as group workshops for professionals.

The Sleep Lady


8. Kim West a.k.a. The Sleep Lady is a licensed Clinical Social Worker who has developed a gentle, step-by-step method for parents to follow in order to promote healthy sleep habits for their baby. She claims that her program has a 95% success rate.

Let Sleeping Blogs Lie

9. A self-professed night owl, Shaz Fisher uses her blog as an avenue through which to share her fascination with all things sleep-related. From trying to make sense of your dreams to cleanliness and sleep, Shaz’s blog covers a gamut of slumber topics.

The Sleep Doctor


10. Doctor Michael Breus is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in sleep disorders and is also on the clinical advisory board for The Dr. Oz show. As a sleep expert, he has shared his extensive knowledge as a consultant and an educator.

Restful Insomnia


11. This blog is not typical in that Sondra does not profess to offer advice on how to cure insomnia. As a chronic insomniac, she experienced her “aha” moment when she discovered that the key to helping insomniacs cope is to provide them with the tools to reduce the stress of insomnia by not negatively reacting to it. 

Sleep Baby Sleep


12. Getting a baby to fall asleep calmly and remain asleep for several hours is a challenge for most parents. Violet shares baby sleep tips on her blog and also provides assistance as a sleep consultant to parents who have reached their coping threshold.


13. The mission of Sleep Junkies is to educate people about the importance of sleep and how getting enough of it can make you fitter, stronger, smarter, healthier and happier. The site includes blog posts, feature articles and sleep science as well as a community in which visitors may ask questions.

Sleep Sisters


14. Sleep-deprived parents rejoice! Melissa and Debbie are sleep consultants and the sisters behind the Sleep Sisters blog. They base their training on the foundations for healthy sleep. Their methods are anything but cookie-cutter and they customize their program to each family’s needs.

Stolen Sleep


15. Emily-Jane Clark, author and founder of her blog Stolen Sleep, entertains as only a Brit can with witty, pithy and humorous ramblings of her chaotic life as a mother of two. She touches on topics that many sleep-deprived or post-natal mothers can relate to and in such a way that puts a smile on your face. Well worth a read!