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4Sleep Mattress Review

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Sadly, it appears that 4Sleep is
no longer in business.
The company's website has been deleted and my attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful.

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Lori Zack and David Alter are the husband and wife team behind 4Sleep -- one of the “new kids on the block” of a group of startup online mattress brands conceived as recent as 2015. Backed by 20 years of combined experience, the couple along with the 4Sleep team, are no strangers to the mattress industry. Their motivation for creating a mattress? To enhance the quality of your sleep and your life.

For approximately 3 weeks, I had the opportunity and pleasure to sleep on and test their
memory foam mattress. Read on for my full review.

The 4Sleep Mattress Review Video by Sleep Metro

Category A: Mattress Features

Components of the Mattress

+ Layers

Type of Mattress


Overall Feel

Top Layer
1.5 inches of 3.5 pounds
per cubic foot of Temperature Responsive Gel
Helps maintain the ideal temperature zone for optimal sleep and adapts to body contours for relief in
pressure-sensitive areas. Eliminates discomfort for less tossing and turning.
Medium-firm to Firm
Third Layer
1.5 inches of 3 pounds per cubic foot of high density memory foam
Prevents sinking and cratering and maintains a neutral body alignment.

Second Layer

1 inch of 3 pounds per cubic foot high density memory foam
Minimizes motion transfer between partners while still allowing great bounce.
Core/Base Layer
7 inches of 2 pounds per cubic foot high density polyurethane foam
Maintains the correct balance between conforming comfort and proper support. It ensures the endurance and longevity of the mattress.

11 inches total
Memory Foam
Combination memory foam for top 3 layers; poly foam for core layer

Feel (Firmness) + Comfort

Firstly, you should know that I am an insomniac. Getting to sleep at night and remaining asleep for any length of time is a huge challenge for me. Waking up 4-5 times a night is part and parcel of my typical sleep pattern. So imagine my delight when Shannon at 4Sleep offered to ship me a free mattress to test.

When I initially lay down, the mattress felt quite firm. In fact, it’s one of the firmest memory foam mattresses I have ever slept on and I had a sensation of lying on top of the mattress rather than “sinking in.” Despite its level of firmness, the mattress did not feel hard and was surprisingly comfortable. On a scale of firmness out of 10, with 10 being the firmest, I would place the mattress at a 7 (naturally, this is a subjective observation).

The only issue I had was that after the first night, I woke up the next morning with minor pain in my neck. However, I attribute it to the fact that I previously had slept on an old mattress that no longer adequately supported my spine. In addition, my pillow was not at the correct height for the new mattress. Once I had corrected my pillow height, my neck pain disappeared and I awoke each morning pain-free.

4Sleep Mattress

4Sleep Mattress (and Nala, my cat, conducting a mattress inspection 🙂

After 3 weeks the mattress had softened only slightly. It could be because I weigh under 120 pounds, and therefore my weight was not sufficient to significantly affect the mattress in any way. Having said that, it is not a negative nor a deal-breaker for me.

To get a second opinion, I asked my husband, who is 30-40 pounds heavier than me, if he noticed the mattress softening and conforming to his body. He replied that he was experiencing a noticeable softening on his side of the mattress. So it’s possible that the time it takes for the mattress to start contouring to your body could be affected by body weight. This may either be a negative or a positive for you, which depends on your sleep posture, your body shape and what you may consider comfortable when sleeping on a mattress.

An important point to mention is that a mattress is only as durable as the weakest link in its construction, and this is almost always the comfort (top) layers. More about this later in the review.

Overall Support

My husband suffers from a herniated disk, so proper spine alignment and support for his back is vital for a pain-free night as well as his quality of sleep. Both he and I are mostly side sleepers. During any given night, we do sleep on our backs, but then only for short spans of time.

Whether we were sleeping in the center or close to the edge, the mattress remained flat and provided us with excellent support. Based on my experience as to the firmness and support, I suspect that this mattress would be comfortable for both side sleepers and back sleepers.

The Gap Test is an accurate way to determine whether or not your spine is adequately supported, especially for the recessed areas of your body (your waist and lower back). When I conducted this test on the 4Sleep mattress, it passed with flying colors.

Sleep Metro Tip

To conduct the Gap Test, lie on your bed, check for the areas of your body that are not in direct contact with your mattress (typically your waist
and lower back).

Have your partner slide his or her hand between you and the mattress.
It should be difficult to do so. Make sure to conduct this test for both
the side and back sleeping positions.


Resiliency refers to how rapidly a mattress bounces back after pressure (such as your body when you are sleeping) is applied to it. When pressing my hand down onto the foam and then releasing it, the foam recovers instantly. This is good for minimal motion transfer and ease of movement and the 4Sleep mattress did not disappoint. However, some couples may prefer more bounce for amorous activities.  In which case, a hybrid or an innerspring may be more suitable.

Since the mattress is still relatively new as of writing this review (November 2016), it remains to be seen how the resiliency will change over time.

Pressure Point Relief

Pressure points refer to the areas of your body that are sensitive to pressure and where blood vessels are compressed against the bone. Your shoulders and hips are particularly vulnerable to pressure when you sleep on a mattress that does not provide sufficient “give” to comfortably cradle your body. Because of memory foam’s unique structure, its absolute strengths are evident in its ability to relieve pressure and isolate motion.

Over the 3 weeks of testing, I did not experience any pain in my shoulders and hips. However, my husband, whose shoulders are considerably broader than mine did in fact experience pressure, and subsequently woke up with shoulder pain every morning. After the first 3 weeks, the pressure and pain disappeared, which leads me to believe that the mattress needed time to soften and conform to his body contours. If this is a concern for you, an option is to add a softer mattress topper for cushier comfort, which may eliminate the pressure on your shoulders.

Edge Support + Sinkage

To establish how the mattress performs for edge support, I tested it in six different ways. The 4Sleep mattress performed fairly well under all six tests:

  • The first test involved sitting with my derriere perched right at the edge of the mattress with most of my weight concentrated in a limited area. In this test the memory foam sinkage was approximately 3.5 inches to 4 inches when compressed.
  • The second test comprised of sitting farther back, as one would do when getting out of bed in the morning. For this test, the memory foam sinkage was approximately 1 inch.
  • The third test was conducted by lying stretched out at the very edge of the mattress. There was no sensation that I was rolling off the bed as with some memory foams.
  • The fourth test was to test for sinkage when sleeping on my side. Since I have a curvy body
    shape, my hips are prone to feel more pressure in a side sleeping position. The total sinkage was 1 inch.
  • The fifth test determined sinkage when sleeping on my back. In this sleeping position, I experienced little sinkage at 0.5 inch to 0.75 inch.
  • The sixth test measured sinkage by concentrating all my weight onto one area in the center of the mattress. Here, the sinkage was the most out of all the tests at 5.5 to 6 inches.

Noise Level

Typically, memory foam mattresses are the most quiet of all types of mattresses (such as innerspring and hybrid) and the 4Sleep mattress is no exception. It is particularly advantageous when a couple requires discretion during amorous activities

Motion Transfer

Minimal motion transfer is a criterion that is essential to me when shopping for a new mattress. One of the strengths of a memory foam mattress is that it performs well in reducing and isolating motion. My husband moves many times during a night and every time he turned over on our previous mattress, I would wake up and feel as though I was being tossed into the air. Sleeping on the 4Sleep mattress was a welcome change and I experienced little to no movement every time my husband turned over or got out of bed. This meant a better quality of sleep for me.

Durability + Quality of Materials

Memory foam ranges from poor (less than 3 pounds-per-cubic-foot) to high-quality (5 pounds-per-cubic-foot or more) in mattresses. The most important factor in determining the durability of a memory foam mattress is to consider the density (or pounds per cubic foot) of the layers above the polyfoam (also called polyurethane or poly) core layer. There is a direct correlation between density and durability. A higher density foam equates to better durability.

Memory Foam Layers


In the case of the 4Sleep mattress on a scale of “Poor,” “Fair,” “Good, and “Stellar”, I would place it at “Fair” for durability. This in no way reflects negatively on the mattress nor is it a matter of a “better vs worse” choice, but rather it is based on personal preference or budget. All foams used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US approved. During the certification process, the foams are tested to some degree for durability.

The cover is made of synthetic, moisture-wicking fabric that is similar to what athletes wear. There is some quilting, but it’s minimal and not enough to render the cover too hot, and it was pleasantly comfortable to sleep on. The cover is custom-made for 4Sleep.

Mattress Cover

Moisture Wicking Mattress Cover


Memory foams are notorious for trapping heat and can cause you to sleep hot and be uncomfortable. Not so with the 4Sleep mattress. My husband perspires constantly during the night, to the point where he will wake up in the morning and his side of the bed will still be damp.

To add to this dilemma, we reside in Florida, which has temperatures in the high 80’s and 90’s with humidity to match during the summer and up to early Fall. Neither my husband nor I experienced any heat or discomfort. The mattress remained at a comfortable, moderate temperature throughout the night.


There was absolutely no detection of an unpleasant or chemical smell at any time during the unboxing and setting up of the mattress or over the 3 weeks of testing.

Category B: Brand Reputation

Customer Service

Sharon with 4Sleep Mattress

Here I am with the 4Sleep box that contains the King size mattress I reviewed

Of the 58 verified reviews on the 4Sleep website, six people specifically mention customer service and that they thought it was great. Judging from the mostly 5-star ratings, it appears that the majority of reviewers were happy with their overall 4Sleep experience.

Even though I could find no additional reviews online from other credible sources unrelated to 4Sleep, I am satisfied that the reviews on the brand’s website are legitimate and were posted by verified buyers and reviewers. 4Sleep uses a service named Yotpo (which I checked out to get a sense of who they are) to ensure that all feedback on the brand’s website are from legitimate customers.

My experience with the brand is extremely positive. My point of contact was Shannon. While testing the mattress and researching information for this review, I contacted Shannon several times to ask specific questions about the memory foam and poly foam densities. Not once did she hesitate to fully answer all my questions. In fact, she encouraged me to ask as many questions as required for an unbiased review.

It is important to note that, for proprietary reasons, brands are not required to share the densities of the foams and materials used inside their mattresses with consumers. So it speaks volumes when a brand is willing to share this type of information publicly, as in the case of 4Sleep.

Brand Transparency

Of the 58 verified reviews on the 4Sleep website, only two people stated that they found the mattress too soft for them. Regardless, both of these users gave the mattress a positive rating at either 3 stars or 4 stars.

Another user stated that they had to return their mattress, and they were pleased with how smoothly the refund process was.

Due to my statement previously regarding 4Sleep’s willingness to share what other brands might consider proprietary information for their mattresses, I am satisfied that 4Sleep practices transparency.

Accurate + Detailed Information on Website

The brand’s site is user friendly and all of the typical questions a consumer would ask are easily found. The 4Sleep homepage provides the following information:

  • Purchase options (mattress sizes + prices)
  • Free trial + refund policies
  • An image showing the mattress deconstructed, so that the layers are visible
  • Explanations of each feature
  • An illustration of the firmness levels (6.5 to 7 out of 10)
  • A short video explaining the characteristics of the mattress
  • A comparison chart of the features of 4Sleep versus Casper, Leesa and Yogabed
  • An unboxing mattress video
  • FAQs

Warranty + Return/Refund Policy

The mattress has a 10-year warranty. However, keep in mind that most warranties typically only cover defects in a mattress, such as visible impressions ranging from ¾ inch to 2 inches. The loss of comfort and support are also not included in the warranty.

I believe the warranty offered by 4Sleep is somewhat more generous compared to other brands and/or manufacturers. 

They do offer a 100-night free trial. The only request they have is that you sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights, as this provides enough time for the mattress to contour to your body.

If you're interested in the free trial and trying out the 4Sleep mattress, remember to use our exclusive discount code METRO85

Based on the reviews on the website, the return process seems to be easy and stress-free, plus they will pick up the returned mattress for free.

Category C: User Feedback

The following percentages for each point are based on 58 verified reviews from the 4Sleep website.
Please note that the remaining 4% accounts for the overlap of users who expressed positive feedback across all three points. 

The lower percentages are not reflective of bad reviews, rather the users focused mostly on their quality of sleep when leaving feedback.

Judging from the mostly 5-star ratings on the 4Sleep website, it appears that the majority of reviewers were happy with their overall 4Sleep experience.

  • Users who express that they have experienced the best or most improved sleep in a long time
60 %
  • Users who highly recommend the mattress to others
17 %
  • Users who believe that their mattress purchase is good value
    for money
19 %

Summary of Mattress Performance


  • Incorporates a good quality high-density polyurethane foam core for sufficient support
  • Retains a moderate temperature for a comfortable sleep
  • Good value for money
  • Unencumbered ease of motion
  • Exhibits excellent motion isolation
  • No-flip (only requires turning)
  • Works with an adjustable base
  • 100-nights risk-free trial
  • Free shipping
  • Made exclusively in the USA
  • CertiPUR-certified
  • 10-year warranty
  • Stress-free return/refund policy


  • There may be some trade-off of durability for the price point
  • May not be firm enough for stomach sleepers
  • Couples who enjoy a healthy sex life may benefit from a mattress with more bounce (an innerspring or a hybrid)

Sleep Metro Star Rating

Feel + Comfort
Overall Support

Resiliency (Bounce)

Pressure Point Relief
Edge Support + Sinkage

Minimal Noise Level

Motion Transfer

Durability + Quality 


Off Gassing (Smell)


You'll Benefit From 4Sleep Because:

  • You prefer a memory foam mattress
  • You prefer a medium-firm to firm mattress feel
  • You are a side or back sleeper
  • You are on a budget
  • You sleep with a partner who constantly tosses and turns
  • You prefer a sensation of lying on top of a mattress, rather than a “sinking in” feeling
  • You require a mattress that sleeps cool
  • You require a quiet mattress


It’s clear that the goal of the 4Sleep brand is to offer a reasonably priced mattress that hits all the right notes in terms of comfort, support and durability. Though there may be a trade-off in terms of durability, I still consider the mattress to be a good value and the quality of materials in line with the price point. This mattress works well for adults, but is especially beneficial for growing children or in
a guest bedroom.

Overall, I slept the best I have in several years, and I was satisfied with the performance of the mattress. My spine felt aligned and I did not experience any aches and pains in the morning.

Based on my research and first-hand experience leading up to my review, I am comfortable recommending the 4Sleep mattress.