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8 Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Best Essential Oils Brand

~ Guest post by Melissa C. Styler ~ 

In recent years essential oils have seen a surge in popularity as many people now realize the amazing benefits of using natural products. As essential oils have become more popular, they have also flooded the market and are readily available. This means that consumers have more choices than ever before, so selecting the best essential oils may be overwhelming.

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We Take You Through This Handy Guide Of How To Choose
The Best Essential Oils:



Essential oils are not cheap to make. The reason being they are distilled to be highly concentrated versions of the original ingredient, which is why they are so potent and have such fantastic results. However, the reality of this is that you will be paying for this high quality.

Some brands sell essential oils at low prices which equates to lower profits for them. Often, cheap essential oils are mixed with carrier oils. This doesn’t mean that you always have to buy the most expensive brand, but if the oil is inexpensive, you need to ask yourself how this is possible.

In short, you get what you pay for, and cheap essential oils are usually diluted.

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'Pure' Essential Oils

Many essential oils are labeled as ‘pure,’ but there is no industry standard to prove what it means.
As such, buying a ‘pure’ oil doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been mixed at some point during production.
To ensure you are truly purchasing a pure oil, it’s best to do so from an essential oils provider who specializes in large volume sales.

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How The Plants Are Grown

As we previously established ‘pure’ isn’t always a pure product. To help you choose the best essential oils, look for other terminology to guide you. One of these is ‘organic,’ which means that the oil is usually high-quality and won’t contain residue of pesticides from the plants used for the oil.

It’s also wise to check for ‘unsprayed’ oils. They are resourced from a facility that doesn’t have organic status, but their plants will be pesticide-free, which ensures a higher quality product. ’Wildcrafted’ essential oils are extracted from plants that are not sprayed and were harvested in their ‘wild’ state.

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Have The Oils Been Tested?

All retailers worth their salt have their essential oils tested after they receive them from suppliers. In the industry, there are two tests that are typically used to check for potency and purity. These are called GC-MS results. The first test is called a gas chromatography and the second test is a
mass spectrometry. Ethical retailers provide the results on their websites or in their stores.

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In short, correct labeling indicates that a company cares about the quality of its products. When buying an oil, first check the label. It should have the Latin name of the product, so that you know exactly what you are getting. It should also have the country of origin of the plants used to make the oil.

This information indicates that you are likely buying a high-quality product. Check for distillation and expiry dates, as most essential oils have a shelf life of only a few years. Therefore, it’s best to buy oils that have a later expiration date, as these oils will be the most potent.

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Look For An Essential Oils Specialist

It’s a good sign when a company employs either an in-house essential oils specialist or a licensed aromatherapist. This means that it takes its business seriously and sells high-quality oils. After all, its reputation as an aromatherapy professional is at stake. As a result, the company should be able to answer any questions you have about the oil, such as its origin and distillation process.

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Look At The Bottle

Have you noticed that most essential oils are sold in amber or other dark-colored glass bottles?
This is because essential oils deteriorate rapidly when exposed to sunlight. Essential oils that are contained in plastic or white glass bottles also deteriorate rapidly and are an indication of the seller’s lack of interest in stocking quality oils.



Try Before Committing

If you have found a reputable business, perhaps one that has been recommended by friends or family, then you may be keen to start trying their oils. However, a good tip is to start slowly and test the products before committing. Oils that are extracted from lemon, lime, or peppermint are typically cheaper. Consider investing in a single bottle and trying it first. Ask yourself:

  • Does it keep its fragrance over a period of time?
  • Are you noticing the benefits of the oil if you use it therapeutically?
  • How much of the oil do you need to use to see results?

Once you have tried a cheaper oil and are happy with the quality, consider investing in more expensive choices, such as, rose, jasmine, or Melissa essential oil.


~ Author Bio ~ 

Melissa is a professional writer and writes widely in the field of essential oils. She specializes in the benefits of different oils and ways in which they can be used as remedies and to promote health. She also uses essential oils at home and is passionate about promoting the benefits of essential oils
for children and pets.

Read more about her at Wellness Appliances

8 Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Best Essential Oils Brand
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8 Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Best Essential Oils Brand
In recent years essential oils have seen a surge in popularity. But are all oils equal in quality and benefits? What makes an excellent essential oil?
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