​The Best Mattress for Heavy People: Top Rated for Overweight

Buying a mattress can be an overwhelming process because of all the options and different types available. When you are heavier, you have to consider the features of the best mattress for an overweight sleeper in order to experience a good night’s sleep. You will want to look for a firm, durable, and comfortable mattress. You should not have to compromise on comfort. Let’s look at some of the important features to consider when buying the best mattress for heavy people, the different types of mattresses, and the 6 best mattresses for large people. I hope this guide provides you with a clearer idea of what to look for and the knowledge to make the buying process much easier!

Sleep Metro compiled the following list of the 6 best beds for heavy, large or obese people. Some are foam, coils, or a combination; however, each one is durable and will provide you
with a good night’s sleep.

6 Best Mattresses for Heavy, Large or Obese People






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Tuft + Needle
Good bounce + support.
Body contouring Adaptive Foam. Cooling ability.
mattress reviews
Latex + Gel-infused Memory Foam. Body contouring comfort + support. Relieves pressure points. Cooling temperature.
Firm; softens after break-in period
Best Mattress for Heavy People
Signature Sleep Memoir 12-inch
Memory Foam. Great comfort + support. Even weight distribution. Relieves pressure points
Mattress Reviews
Zinus 12-inch Performance Plus
Comfort Foam layer + High Density Foam. Individually encased coils. Optimal support. Minimal motion transfer.
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Brooklyn Bedding
Talalay latex. Breathable + cooling. Good comfort + support. Available in 8 sizes
Best Mattress for Heavy People
Ultra-dense Memory Foam. Minimal motion transfer. Provides Comfort+ for firmness customization

Tuft + Needle

best mattress for heavy people

Tuft + Needle

Tuft + Needle uses proprietary Adaptive foam formula to produce its mattresses.
Its high-density poly foam provides great edge support. The mattress handles a combined weight of up 1,000 lbs.
It’s best for back and stomach sleepers.
Tuft + Needle is budget-friendly
and is competitively priced.


best mattress for heavy people


There’s nothing spooky about GhostBed.
Its gel memory foam ensures comfort
and contours to your body. It supports a total of 600 lbs and provides excellent back support for back sleepers. 
At $795 for a queen size, GhostBed
is great value for money.

Signature Sleep

best mattress for heavy people

Signature Sleep 12-inch

Signature Sleep is memory foam and provides exceptional pressure point relief and good spinal alignment.
The mattress is recommended for
back and side sleepers. It’s attractively priced and all sizes are exceptionally budget-friendly, which makes
Signature Sleep a great contender
for a guest bedroom.


best mattress for heavy people

Zinus Performance Plus

Zinus is a hybrid (part high-density foam, part icoils) and provides excellent
edge support. The mattress maintains spinal alignment and eases back pain.
Zinus is recommended for back and
side sleepers. It runs $296 for a queen size.

Brooklyn Bedding

best mattress for heavy people

Brooklyn Bedding

Comfort + Durability = Brooklyn Bedding. The combination of latex and high-density foam makes Brooklyn Bedding exceptionally durable. The mattress
is well constructed with high-quality materials. Back and stomach sleepers benefit from Brooklyn Bedding and
it’s also great value for money.
At $750 for a queen size, it’s a no-brainer.


best mattress for heavy people


Novosbed is an environmentally friendly brand. Its mattress is made from
high-density foam that not only provides supreme comfort but also exceptional support for up to 600 lbs. The mattress
is recommended for back and stomach sleepers. Novosbed is affordable and
its durability ensures that you’ll get the most for your money in the long-term.


When you are looking for the best mattress for a heavy person, consider thickness, firmness, support, comfort, and longevity. The average thickness for a mattress is 10 inches. When you are heavier, you will want at least a 12-inch mattress to provide sufficient support. Too thin of a mattress may often result in excessive pressure points on your body.

Firmness: Most heavier sleepers prefer a mattress that is in between soft and firm. Depending on your personal preference, consider a firmer mattress. Side and back sleepers typically require a medium to medium-firm, while stomach sleepers would do well to choose a Firm.

Support: You will also want your mattress to have supportive edges that will not cave in easily.

Comfort: Heavier sleepers complain about getting really hot while sleeping. Some mattresses trap and retain heat, which can make for an uncomfortable and a restless night. It is important to have a breathable mattress that will keep you cool.

Longevity: More weight exerts more pressure on the mattress, so ensure that the one you select is made with high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

Types of Mattresses

There are three different types of mattresses that are good for heavier sleepers. There are also hybrid types that use different combinations of the three.

Memory Foam Mattresses are supportive and good for relieving pressure points on the body. They contour to you and come in different degrees of firmness depending on the type of memory foam. Ones made with an open cell structure or gel foam will be much cooler to sleep on.

Latex Foam Mattresses offer the comfort and support like memory foam, but you do not sink into them as much. Some sleepers do not like the way memory foam conforms to them, so latex is a good option. It also has more bounce.

Spring or Coil Mattresses provide better edge and overall support and stay cooler than foam mattresses. Ensure the mattress is constructed of quality and well-spaced out coils, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to sleep on.

Hybrids are made out of a combination of different foams or foams and springs. They offer the best of both worlds with comfortable foam and supportive coils.


Whether you decide on foam, coils or a combination you will want a high-quality mattress that can handle additional weight without sacrificing on comfort. I hope this guide helps you decide on the best mattress for heavy people. Everyone deserves to have a comfortable night’s sleep and these mattresses make the grade.