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Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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best mattress for stomach sleepers
Note how the red line follows the bow-like shape of the back and shows how this area is particularly vulnerable to stress. Therefore, lack of lumbar support from your mattress 
may lead to severe back ache.

Many people have grown used to sleeping on their stomachs. Do you know that, in fact, this sleeping position makes infants feel more safe and secure? However, it is not the best sleeping position to adopt, as sleeping on your stomach in the long-term may be harmful to your body. Therefore, it is vital that stomach sleepers pay careful attention when choosing the most suitable type of mattress for themselves. Stomach sleepers, in particular, should invest in a high-quality mattress that can provide the required back support so as to relieve the intense pressure on their spines.

Choosing The Correct Type of Mattress

The shape of a perfect adult spine is S-shaped. Adopting improper seating and standing postures for long periods of time can place a disproportionate amount of stress on the midsection of your spine. Thus, sleep is very crucial as it is the only period of rest and relief for your spine. Lying flat on your back instantly relieves the strain placed on your back. But for stomach sleepers, the strain on your lower back continues throughout the night. As a result, you may wake up in the morning feeling even more exhausted than before. In the long run, stomach sleepers are more likely to experience chronic back pain which may disrupt their daily activities. Choosing the best mattress for stomach sleepers is therefore necessary to offset the potential negative effects of sleeping on your stomach.

Different types of mattresses provide varying degrees of back support. Foam mattresses are known to provide the best back support for stomach sleepers through its multiple layers of responsive memory foam that molds and takes on the natural shape of your body. Keep a lookout for more developed types of foams that not only provide support but a certain degree of softness as well. If cost is not an issue, you can invest in a good tempurpedic mattress which is well known as the gold standard in the foam mattress industry. The best tempurpedic mattress for stomach sleepers is one which has faster-adapting support and provides pressure relief for the body.

Stomach sleepers can also opt for a firmer type of mattress, such as coil mattress or Polymer-Polyfoam hybrid mattress padded with a top layer of foam-like substance. In order to find the best mattress for stomach sleepers, you will likely have to physically test and try out the bed itself to determine if the firmness is just right for you. Many stomach sleepers tend to opt for mattresses with a medium level of firmness. At the ideal level of firmness, your chronic back pain may quite possibly be eliminated. Ideally, the mattress you choose should not only provide faster-adapting back support, but should also be at least medium to firm.


Choosing a firmer mattress does not necessarily mean you have to compromise on comfort.
Comfort can be experienced in different ways. For example, people in tropical countries or places with hot summers prefer cooling mattresses that are designed to dissipate body heat. Polymer-Polyfoam hybrid mattresses tend to be more cooling. Additionally, you may also opt for mattress covers made of celliant fiber which are effective in preventing heat retention.

What are the 8 Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers?






Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series
High density gel memory foam. Edge support base foam. Cooling. Relieves pressure points.
best mattress for sex
Good bounce + support.
Body contouring Adaptive Foam. Cooling ability.
Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers
Proprietary Hyphen Memory Foam. Good body contouring + support. Breathable. Good bounce.
Medium to medium-firm
best mattress for sex
Talalay latex. Breathable + cooling. Good comfort + support. Available in 8 sizes
Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers
Proprietary Gel-infused Memory Foam. Body contouring + spinal support. Cooling. Good for all weights + sleeping positions. Great value for money.
Balanced combination of Soft + Firm
Mattress Reviews
Soft top. Body contouring. Breathable. Cooling. Good choice for back & stomach sleepers.

Medium-firm to Firm
Mattress Reviews
Uses proprietary Avena. Minimal motion transfer. Pressure point relief. Good bounce. Cooling ability.
mattress reviews
Latex + Gel-infused Memory Foam. Body contouring comfort + support. Relieves pressure points. Cooling temperature.
Firm; softens after break-in period


The Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers Should Ideally:

  • Provide adequate and faster-adapting back support
  • Provide pressure relief for the body
  • Be of a Medium or a Firm feel
  • Be manufactured of quality memory foam or padded with foam-like material at the top
  • Be Cooling -- effective in dissipating heat