Luxi Mattress Review

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What You'll Discover In This Review

The unique element that currently sets Luxi mattress apart 
and how it may benefit you instantly as well as in the long-term

Who this review
is for...

You love the option to customize your mattress.

You prefer memory and/or latex foam mattresses over those with innersprings.

You sleep with a partner
who is restless and changes
positions frequently.

You desire a mattress that is durable in the long-term.

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Luxi Mattress Review in a Nutshell

Luxi Mattress Review


Suitable for
Side, Back, 
or Stomach

Luxi Mattress Review


Combination Memory Foam
and Latex Foam

Luxi Mattress Review


Soft, Medium,
or Firm (3-in-1)

Luxi Mattress Review


Queen $1,399

Luxi Mattress Review


10 Years


  • smile-o
    Customizable firmness configuration
  • smile-o
  • smile-o
    No motion transfer
  • smile-o
  • smile-o
    Sleeps cool
  • smile-o
    Great balance of comfort + support
  • smile-o
    1,000 night sleep trial
  • smile-o
    Handcrafted in the USA
  • smile-o
    Foams are Certi-PUR certified
  • smile-o
    Exceptional customer service
  • smile-o
    Environmentally responsible brand
  • smile-o
    The price is reasonable considering its high-quality materials and design
  • smile-o
    Above-average edge support as compared to other foam mattresses
  • smile-o
    Compatible with the following: Boxspring; Platform; Slats; Adjustable base; and Floor


  • frown-o
    T-shaped foam protrusions are a bit delicate and may tear easily when flipping the mattress
  • frown-o
    The "Soft" firmness may not sufficiently support stomach or heavy sleepers
  • frown-o
    Returning the mattress for a refund during the sleep trial isn't a "no questions asked" policy


  • Luxi's 3-in-1 firmness levels offer users customization and versatility unlike any other mattress currently on the market.  

  • The combination of memory and latex foams ensures that you'll experience both comfort and support, respectively, while sleeping cool.

  • The high-quality foams and unique design promise durability in the long-term.

  • The Queen, King and Cal King sizes may be ordered without the split feature, which is especially convenient if you sleep without a partner.

  • Individuals who are heavy, overweight or obese may have their mattresses customized with denser foams to support their weights.

  • My overall conclusion: LUXI ROCKS!

4.5 / 5

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