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Mattress Glossary

Adjustable Bed Base:

An adjustable bed base offers the advantage of customizing the mattress position by way of a remote control. The head and foot of the mattress can be independently adjusted for maximum comfort.

Air Bed/Air Mattress:

A soft, plastic inflatable mattress that is filled with air and typically used for camping. It deflates for storage.


A decorative bed cover of which its sole purpose is for display and tidiness only. It is not used for warmth. For more information, visit https://www.britannica.com/topic/bedspread

Bonnel Coils:

A hourglass-shaped coil -- wider at the top and bottom and thinner in the center -- that are knotted together with a tightly coiled thinner wire, called a helical.


A boxspring consists of vertical spiral springs that are fastened to a cloth-covered wood frame, and as a whole provides a sturdy foundation for a mattress.


A proprietary fiber consisting of thermo-reactive minerals that converts body heat into infrared energy. The brand claims that infrared light (not UV, which is at the opposite end of the spectrum) promotes and enhances circulation, oxygenation of tissues and cell vitality as well as regulates body temperature. Clinical trials have proven that when Celliant is used in bedding materials, it promotes restorative sleep and test subjects have fallen asleep 15 minutes faster than on average. Visit celliant.com to learn more about the benefits of the product.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines comforter as:
thick bed covering that is filled with a soft light material (such as feathers).

Continuous Coils:

A configuration of rows of coils that are created from a single piece of wire.


A soft, quilt-like bedding that is typically filled with down, feathers, wool, silk or a synthetic product. It has a removable cover -- Duvet Cover -- that can be readily removed and laundered. It differs from a comforter.

Euro Top Mattress:

A Euro top mattress is similar to a Pillow Top Mattress in so much as it consists of several inches of an additional soft layer of padding on top of the mattress. Unlike the Pillow Top Mattress, there is no visible differentiation between the pillow top and the mattress itself. The Pillow top is constructed as part of the mattress as a whole.

Gel Mattress:

Gel-infused beads are injected into memory foam, creating an open cell structure. The advantages to this technology are that the mattress feels cooler: the sleeper’s body heat is dissipated instead of being retained within the mattress.

Hybrid Mattress:

A marriage of both innerspring and memory foam (or latex) that benefits sleepers by providing a blend of sturdy support and body contouring comfort.

IFD (Indentation Force Deflection):

A process applied in the manufacturing of memory foam to assess its level of “softness.” To learn more, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indentation_force-deflection

Innerspring Mattress:

A mattress core consisting of steel coil springs, or “coils,” to provide firmness and support as well as distribute the weight of a resting sleeper.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines latex as:
A white fluid produced by certain plants that is used for making rubber; also : a similar material that is used for making various products (such as paint and glue). 

Mattress Topper/Mattress Pad:

A Mattress Topper (also referred to as a Mattress Pad or Underpad) is typically made from foam and lays on top of a mattress. The topper serves as a means of warmth and comfort for the sleeper and is particularly beneficial when a mattress is worn or feels uncomfortable.

Memory Foam:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines memory foam as:
A dense polyurethane foam that becomes more pliable when in contact with heat.

Offset Coils:

A hour-glass shaped coil in which the top and bottom coiling have been flattened. These flat areas are hinged together with helical wires. The hinging effect of the unit is designed to contour to the individual's body. 

Pillow Top Mattress:

A pillow top mattress consists of several inches of an additional soft layer of padding atop the mattress. There is a visible differentiation between the pillow top and the mattress itself, even though they are sewn together. See Euro Top Mattress

Pocket Coils:

Thin-gauge, barrel-shaped coils individually encased in fabric. These coils are not joined by knots.

Point Elasticity

A material that, when compressed within a small and focused area, has the ability to keep its surrounding surface unaffected.

Talalay Latex:

Talalay is an elaborate process by which latex foam rubber is placed in a mold and then frozen to stabilize the cell structure. Since it is not a petroleum-based foam, it is often marketed as a healthier alternative to petroleum-based foams.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines waterbed as:
A bed whose mattress is a watertight bag filled with water.
There are two types of waterbeds:

  • Softside
  • Hardside, or Wood Frame