Nectar Mattress Review

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What You'll Discover In This Review

How NECTAR compares to other memory foam mattresses
in terms of quality of materials, price and customer service

Who this review
is for...

You prefer Medium-firm to Firm mattresses.

You prefer memory foam mattresses exclusively over those with latex and/or innersprings.

You prefer no motion transfer when your partner changes positions.

You desire a mattress that is durable in the long-term.

You're looking to purchase a mattress for under $1,000 (including a Cal King).

Nectar Mattress

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Nectar Mattress Review in a Nutshell

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Side, Back
or Stomach

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 Memory Foam

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Queen $795

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  • smile-o
    Cover is bedbug resistant
  • smile-o
  • smile-o
    No motion transfer
  • smile-o
  • smile-o
    Sleeps cool
  • smile-o
    No off-gassing
  • smile-o
    Exceptional spinal support due to the high-density poly foam used in the core layer
  • smile-o
    365-night sleep trial
  • smile-o
    Designed + assembled in the USA
  • smile-o
    Foams are Certi-PUR certified
  • smile-o
    Free replacement cover
  • smile-o
    Free shipping + returns
  • smile-o
    Reasonable price point and great value for money
  • smile-o
    Above-average edge support for a memory foam mattress
  • smile-o
    A thumbs-up for customer service + prompt delivery
  • smile-o
    Compatible with the following: Boxspring; Platform; Adjustable base; Floor; Divan base; Traditional frame


  • frown-o
    May not be plush enough to provide sufficient pressure point relief for notably curvy side sleepers with a low to moderate BMI (Body Mass Index), so they may require a mattress topper for additional comfort (Caveat: the latter option may make the mattress feel hotter)
  • frown-o
    A slight feeling of being restricted when changing positions
  • frown-o
    May be too firm for some individuals who prefer an overall plusher feel


  • Nectar is firmer than most of its competitors' mattresses and is the firmest memory foam mattress that I've reviewed to date.  

  • Nectar incorporates premium materials that are typically only seen in more expensive brands, while still retailing at a competitive price-point.

  • The high-density foams promise durability in the long-term.
  • The generous Forever Warranty is currently one of the best in the online mattress industry and provides peace of mind to the consumer.
  • Individuals who are heavy, overweight or obese may benefit from the Nectar's firmness.

  • My overall conclusion: NECTAR is budget-friendly and a great value for money. It offers customers special touches such as a bedbug resistant cover (which is replaced free), premium-quality materials and a lifetime warranty. The brand's approach harkens back to a time of our grandparents, when companies still considered it important to manufacture quality products as well as place customers first.

4.4 / 5

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