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Nest Bedding Pillow Review

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If you're of the same mind as I am, you want to reduce the number of manmade chemicals with which you come into contact, especially when it pertains to your bedding. Nest Bedding is in complete agreement, and that is why since its establishment in 2011, the family-owned and operated company has manufactured and sold bedding made only from organic materials. The brand uses only CertiPur-US Certified foam or Oeko Text Certified Latex filler materials.

All Nest Bedding products are manufactured right here in the United States using only American-produced materials. By doing so, it ensures that the materials utilized in the production process result in only top-of-the-line organic bedding.

Read on for a more detailed review of 3 of Nest Bedding’s
popular pillow options.

The memory foam materials used to create the Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow are all-American made materials that have been certified by the CertiPur-US organization in order to meet the highest standards in quality. The Easy Breather Memory Foam pillow differs from other memory foam pillows, because of the lack of "off-gassing" that it releases. Competitors' memory foam pillows contain materials made from toxic chemicals and processes that leech fumes over time.

The natural fibers used to fill these pillows also maintain a more hypo-allergenic aspect than their competition since micro-organisms like mold, mildew and dust mites are less likely to build up in the pillow’s breathable inner core.

Nest Bedding Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow


The Easy Breather Memory Foam pillow comes fully stuffed, with a zipper opening allowing you to modify the thickness and support of your memory foam pillow to meet your particular needs and body dimensions. The covering is made from a Tencel Blended Fabric for soft comfort against the skin.

Neither the cover nor the filler of this pillow should be put into the washing machine, so it is advised to purchase one of Nest Bedding’s Pillow Protectors to protect your pillow and investment. This pillow contains zero animal products and no latex. The easily accessed zipper closure makes adjusting the pillow a breeze.


A proprietary blend of filler materials supports the head and neck in a natural ergonomic position that allows your airways and breathing passages to remain open. This support enables you to breathe more easily throughout the night and receive a better quality sleep. This pillow is most comparable in support than you would traditionally receive from a down or feather-filled pillow.


Because of the Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow’s breathable materials, it provides better air flow throughout the internal regions of the pillow as you sleep to maintain an even, comfortable temperature year-round. The breathable nature of this pillow’s materials also minimizes moisture build-up that can directly affect pillow temperatures.


Since the materials used to make the memory foam pillow have been certified by CertiPur-US, you'll find that these pillows do not have a chemical or noticeable odor of any kind. The lack of odors emanating from the pillow not only make these pillows healthier for you to breathe in, but also make them less distracting as you fall asleep.


By unzipping the pillow and removing as much of the filler as needed, the firmness of the Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow is easily adjusted to your preference. Retain the removed filling material in a clean sealable bag to protect it, in case you may need it in the future.

Is This Pillow Right For You?

If you suffer from allergies, the memory foam pillow by Nest Bedding provides the same support and comfort that you would find in down or feather pillows, without the potential allergy reactions often associated with feather bedding. Its proprietary blend of fillers maintains its ability to provide the perfect amount of neck support. It gently and comfortably cradles your head and creates the proper neck alignment for unobstructed breathing.

Natural moisture wicking and internal air flow keep this pillow from becoming smelly, misshapen, and hot in the warmer months.


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Easy Breather Natural Pillow

The Easy Breather Natural Pillow puts all other latex pillows to shame by using only Oeko-Tex Certified American-made materials to produce this quality product. The certified latex noodles provide both the comfort and support that you need when attempting to get a great night’s sleep.

Besides having top-of-the-line filler noodles and fibers, this pillow also uses organic cotton to create its zipper closure cover. As with the Easy Breather Memory Foam pillow, this pillow is not washable. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase one of Nest Bedding’s Pillow Protectors to keep your Easy Breather Natural Pillow clean and protected at all times.

Nest Bedding Easy Breather Natural Pillow


The organic cotton cover provides a soft sleeping surface, while the zipper opening allows you to modify your pillow to fit your specific needs.

The pillow’s internal structure comprises a proprietary blend of certified latex noodle and natural fibers, which results in the most comfortable and reliable support available in a latex-filled pillow.


The latex noodles in the Easy Breather Natural pillow provide your neck and head with additional support and alignment as well as help to maintain an open airway to promote healthy breathing throughout the night. Sleep Apnea sufferers, especially, may find the pillow beneficial for this purpose.


The proprietary blend of Latex noodles and natural fibers allows the pillow to breathe and wick away perspiration as well as maintain a comfortable surface temperature as you sleep through the night.

The balanced thermal aspect of all of the Nest Bedding line of pillows makes them ideal for individuals who may be dealing with Menopause or hot flashes associated with other conditions, such as the side-effects of chemotherapy.


Because Nest Bedding uses only organic or certified American-made materials, its products do not produce odors or gasses that are caused by using inferior materials in the manufacturing process.

Also, the breathable materials used to make these pillows minimize any potential body odors that, in time, may occasionally develop as in other synthetically stuffed pillows.


As with all products within the Easy Breather Pillow category, this pillow's firmness is easily modified by simply unzipping the end and removing as much or as little filler required to create the perfect support for the contour of your neck.

Unlike other brands, the pliable latex noodles provide enough flexibility to sculpt the outline of your neck, while still maintaining adequate support for your spine and head in the process. The noodles provide the cushioning that the head and neck need in order to relieve pressure points.

Is This Pillow Right For You?

If you’re an individual with breathing or snoring issues, the Easy Breather Natural Pillow provides the structural support required to increase overnight oxygen intake through improved breathing. The organic and natural fibers that comprise this pillow eliminate allergens that impede quality sleep due to your inability to breathe freely.

In addition to the respiratory health benefits provided by the pillow, the structural support also increases relaxation.


Nest Bedding’s ten years plus warranty combined with their impeccable manufacturing oversight and ecologically sound manufacturing, packaging, and sales practices have given them one of the best reputations in the mattress and pillow manufacturing industry.

The brand’s knowledgeable staff is always courteous and helpful and ensures that you receive the best sales and customer service experience possible.


When you consider all your expenses on pillows to date, and how frequently you’re required to replace them as they become flat, stinky, and generally uncomfortable, you’ll find that purchasing a natural and an organic certified high-quality American-made pillow is an investment in your health.

Nest Bedding products provide you with a healthy and durable alternative to other cheaply made pillows that you may find in your local department store. By purchasing a better brand of pillow now, you not only improve your quality of sleep, but you also improve your quality of life. You’ll feel less fatigued and you'll reduce your expenses and time associated with shopping for replacement pillows. Additionally, you'll also minimize or eliminate the tossing and turning you may experience with other pillow brands. 

Read on for a more detailed review of 3 of Nest Bedding’s
most popular pillow options.