Best Mattress for Kids: How To Choose the Proper One

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best mattress for kids

Sleep is a vital part of your child’s growth and development. A large part of developing good sleep habits is having a high-quality mattress. Many sleep issues can be resolved by a supportive and comfortable mattress. The key is knowing what features to look for in a new mattress. Start children off with a good night’s sleep by making sure their mattresses are supportive for their growing bodies. Remember, when your kids sleep soundly, you most likely will too.

This Guide Covers The Following:

  • Why sleep is such a crucial part of your child’s growth and development
  • The important features to consider when purchasing the best mattress for kids
  • A review of the 6 best mattresses for kids

Why Is Sleep So Important for Kids?

Kids grow rapidly during their formative years and sleep is an important part of their growth process. In fact, young children need about 10-13 hours of sleep each night. The hours vary from child to child, but any hours within this range are acceptable. High-quality mattresses help ensure that kids get a good night’s sleep. The consequences of poor sleep habits are more than only fatigue. Lack of sleep also affects children’s day-to-day activities. They might struggle in school due to memory and concentration issues. Children may also develop behavioral or mood problems, which could possibly affect social relationships. While there can be other causes of these issues, lack of sleep can be a major factor and enough sleep may correct many of these problems. Because children also grow while they are sleeping, getting sufficient sleep is vital for the development of their minds and bodies.

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Support + Comfort

Children should not sleep on second-hand or hand-me-down mattresses, as they do not provide the support and comfort children require. High-quality mattresses keep children’s spines properly aligned as they grow -- and they do grow fast. When deciding on the type of features that are essential in a suitable mattress, support is one of the most important factors. However, firmness and comfort are typically more about personal preference. Most sleepers prefer a medium firmness, but as children get older, they should become more involved in deciding which type of firmness they prefer.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Mattress

A good mattress should last 7-10 years. Twin mattresses are more affordable; however, you may want to consider buying a Full size, so that your child does not outgrow it too quickly. Innerspring or coil mattresses are the most popular. Memory foam is good for relieving pressure points; however, some sleepers do not like the feeling of sinking into the mattress. The most important consideration is to purchase supportive mattresses that keep children comfortable and their spines properly aligned while they sleep.

Top 5 Mattresses for Kids






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Gel Memory Foam + Polyurethane foam core. Great edge support + motion isolation. Relieves pressure points.
Medium-firm to
Independently encased coils. Great comfort + support for spinal alignment. Available in Twin & Full 
Gel Memory foam. Good cooling capability. Great for back and stomach sleepers. Available in Twin, Twin XL & Full.
Good choice for kids. Provides ample support for spinal alignment. Relieves pressure points.
Available in Twin, Twin XL & Full.
Cooling Gel-Max Memory Foam. Body contouring.
Required support for weightless sleep.
Great choice for all sleep styles (Back, Stomach, Side). Available in Twin & Full.

Important Features

When Considering The Best Mattress for Your Kids, It Should Provide The Following Features:

  • Support for their growing bodies
  • Comfort
  • High-quality materials
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Room for growth
  • Flexibility in that it can be effective for a variety of sleeping styles, such as side sleepers,
      stomach sleepers or back sleepers.


As you may realize, there are many different mattress options available and some are definitely better than others. Children develop their own sleeping habits as they continue to grow. In addition, their formative years are essential for instilling proper sleep habits. One way to do so is to make bedtime something they look forward to by starting them off on the best mattress that will offer both support and comfort. Your child will be happier and healthier after a night of restorative sleep, which means you’ll be happier too!