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Our Research + Review Process

Sleep Metro incorporates a review process that consists of collating data from credible sites like Amazon, mattress-related forums and message boards. Whenever possible, I try to personally test each mattress; however, this may not always be possible, and in such instances, my review is based on thoroughly researched data and credible user feedback.

How is Sleep Metro different from all the other review sites? In order to provide you with the best choices of high-quality mattresses + sleep accessories, I have created a 3-tier rating system that effectively analyses all the features of each product. This process takes into account both the strengths and weaknesses of a mattress and arms you with well-rounded information, so that you can easily decide which mattress is the best-suited to you based on your personal preferences and budget.

Below Is a Breakdown of The Research + Review Process

Category A: Mattress Features

  • Bounce

Bounce, or resiliency, refers to how effective the mattress is in absorbing motion. Depending on the user's mattress requirements, bounce could be either a negative or positive feature, as in the best mattress for sex where good bounce is an advantage.

  • Edge Support

Edge support refers to the firmness of the edge of a mattress around its circumference.
Typically, memory foam mattresses have less edge support compared to innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

  • Feel (firmness) + Comfort

“Firmness” refers to the feel of a mattress and is not the same as having support. A mattress can have a soft "feel" and simultaneously provide sufficient support.

  • Overall Support

The mattress as a whole should provide optimal support and keep the user's spine in a natural alignment, no matter what sleeping position he/she is in. 

  • Noise Level

For discretion, a mattress with no noise is especially important for amorous activities.

  • Motion Transfer

When sleeping with a partner, especially one who moves frequently during the night, a mattress with little to no motion transfer is ideal. 

  • Temperature

Some mattresses, especially memory foam, may trap the sleeper's body heat and cause discomfort during the night. Latex mattresses tend to sleep cooler than memory foam.

  • Off Gassing (Smell)

Refers to an odor that a new mattress may omit due to the breakdown of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) used in the manufacturing process. Released into the air, these chemicals may have a negative effect on your health.

  • Pressure Point Relief

Pressure points refer to the parts on a sleeper's body that have the most contact with a mattress. If the mattress does not sufficiently conform to the sleeper, these pressure points can cause pain + discomfort.

  • Durability + Quality of Materials

Does the mattress comprise of organic materials, or materials that are free of harmful chemicals? In the case of memory foam and polyurethane foam, what densities are used?

Category B: Brand Reputation

  • Customer service of brand: How well are customers treated? Is an effort made to resolve any issues?
  • Reviews on brand website is transparent; that is, it does not post only positive reviews of its
  • Information of the mattress(es) on brand website is detailed and accurate
  • Warranty + Return/Refund Policy

Category C: User Feedback

  • Users express that they have experienced the best or most improved sleep in a long time
  • Users highly recommend the mattress to others
  • Users believe that their mattress purchase is good value for money

How The Ratings Are Calculated

Ratings are shown as stars.

Below 3 Stars = Poor
3 to 3.4 Stars = Fair
3.5 to 3.9 Stars = Good (Average)
4 to 4.4 Stars = Above Average
4.5 to 5 Stars = Stellar

Categories A and B are based on my personal experience with the product and/or research conducted.

Category C is based on reviews and feedback from the experiences of a minimum of 25 users. The results of this category are objective and quantifiable; that is, anyone who takes the time to research the information online will achieve a similar outcome.

Please note that if a mattress receives a "Fair" rating, it does not mean that the mattress is of bad quality. It simply means that there are alternative options that I believe are better and hit the mark on all three categories based on my personal experience and/or research.

In order to keep the standards of my reviews high, I do not list any mattresses or bedding products that are less than 3 stars.

I consistently update mattress reviews in order to provide you with the most recent feedback and research.

At the end of the day, the final decision on which mattress is the best choice for you will be based on your personal preference. There is no one mattress that is perfect and a cure-all for all sleep problems, but it is my goal to present you with facts + feedback that cut through all the confusion and hype, so that you may make an informed decision.

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