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Voila Mattress Review

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Sadly, it appears that Voila Mattress is
no longer in business.
The company's website has been deleted and my attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful.

Voila Mattress, an online brand located in Utah, started its journey recently and set out to shake up the mattress industry with its hybrid design (part memory foam and part innersprings).

The company offers a reasonably priced, high-end product made with quality materials.
The mattress is shipped promptly and directly to your front door, so that you may begin enjoying quality sleep within 3-5 days.

Let's get right to my review and uncover the benefits of owning a Voila mattress as well as the best level of firmness for you within your budget.

The Voila Mattress Review Video by Sleep Metro

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Category A: Mattress Features

Components of the Mattress


Type of 



12 inches Total
Combination of memory foam for comfort + pocket coils and latex for support. The mattress comprises of 13 layers +
fabric cover
Soft (Plush)
Top Layer
Flame Resistant Cover

Second Layer
2.5 inches of 3 pounds per cubic foot of High Density
Gel-infused Memory Foam
A comfort layer that helps maintain a comfortable
mattress temperature
Third Layer
0.75 inch of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot High Density 
Poly foam
Provides edge-to-edge support
Fourth +
Fifth Layers 
0.75 inch of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot High Density side wall edge foam + 0.75 inch Talalay latex within cavity.
Provides edge-to-edge support
for pressure point relief
Sixth Layer
Insulating fiber pad
Seventh +
Eighth Layers
6.25 inches of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot High Density Poly foam + 6.25 inches five zone pocketed coils within cavity
Edge support foam with ventilation holes +
768 pocketed coils
within cavity for
body contouring, stability +  
edge support
Nineth Layer
Insulating fiber pad
Tenth +
Eleventh Layers
0.75 inch of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot of medium base foam + 1 inch of 1.6 pounds per cubic foot of firm
base foam
Base Cover

Fabric-covered base upon which all the above layers rest

Feel (Firmness) + Comfort


Voila offers one mattress with firmness levels of Soft, Medium and Firm options. The heights of all three firmness levels vary: Soft is 12 inches / Medium is 11 inches / Firm is 10 inches.
When I spoke with Brad Sitton, Voila’s President, he mentioned that Voila’s mattresses run firmer overall than the comparable levels of its competitors. Since I am a side sleeper, my preference sways more between Soft and Medium, so when Voila offered to provide me with a free mattress to review,
I initially thought that the Soft firmness would be ideal -- not too firm, but still firm enough to provide my back with adequate support.

Unrolling of Voila Mattress

           Unboxed Voila mattress that is ready to be unrolled on bed foundation

Once my husband and I had unboxed and placed the mattress on the foundation, it took approximately two (2) hours for the mattress to inflate to its capacity. Note: At 164 pounds, the King size is exceptionally heavy and requires two (2) people to set it up from start to finish.

Voila Mattress before plastic is removed

        The mattress before the plastic is removed in order for it to inflate to its
         maximum capacity.

When I first lay on the bed, the mattress felt heavenly -- as though I was being suspended within a fluffy cloud of whipped topping. Seriously, it really felt that divine. It reminded me of the type of bed that one would experience at a spa retreat or an upscale hotel. My whole body felt as though it was being gently hugged and I was floating. I instantly felt relaxed. Lying stretched out, I noticed the mattress "cratering" slightly. My husband experienced the same sensation. On a scale of firmness out of 10, with 10 being the firmest, I would place the Voila Soft (Plush) at 4.5 to 5.

Voila Mattress

           The Voila mattress after it had fully inflated, which took only 2 hours


After sleeping on the mattress for one night, I realized that I probably should’ve chosen the Medium, or possibly even the Firm level. The Soft (Plush) is too soft for me. I did experience back pain the next morning, but as with any mattress that is not suited to your body, it was to be expected and in no way reflects poorly on the mattress itself. 

In fact, the quality of the mattress is quite good, but more about this point later in my review. The top of the mattress has a definite plush feel to it and I believe that this feature added to the delicious “cradling” sensation I mentioned previously.

The Soft (Plush) firmness of the Voila mattress may be a good option for people who have undergone multiple back surgeries. *Dr. Michael Perry, medical director of the Laser Spine Institute in Tampa, Fla., states that while we all require some support when we sleep, people who have undergone multiple back surgeries may require less support. Tissues may have become stiffer as a result of the surgeries, in which case a softer mattress may be more comfortable.

*Reference: VeryWell.com: "Tips for Choosing a Mattress if You Have Back Pain"

Voila Mattress Review

Naturally, it ultimately boils down to personal preference and what feels comfortable for you. Fortunately, Voila offers a 100-night sleep trial (remember to use our exclusive code Sleepmetro10) after which you can return your mattress for a 100% refund if it's not right for you,
so there’s absolutely no risk to you.

Overall Support

As a hybrid, the Voila provides the best of both worlds -- part memory foam/Talalay latex and part pocket coils. Pocket coils (as opposed to Bonnell, Offset or Continuous coils) exhibit more independent movement and it is this latter quality that gives them their ability to easily conform to a sleeper’s body. In the case of pocket coils, more is almost always better, and the Voila mattress houses 768 of them as part of its support system. What this means for you is that there is greater flexibility in adjusting to the heavier parts of your body, such as your hips.

When shopping for a mattress that consists of coils as part of its
structure, it is important to note that there are 2 main functions of innersprings:

  • The ability to conform to body shape, and
  • The ability to provide support for the heavier parts of the body

For me, the Voila mattress definitely performed well for the former, but not so well for the latter.
Even though the mattress did not adequately support me, this in no way reflects negatively on the mattress. I’ve learned that I fall into the “Princess and the Pea” category, meaning my body may be quite sensitive to the nuances of mattresses, which may be a positive or a negative depending on how one looks at it.

According to Brad, the Soft level is the brand’s most popular mattress, which once again proves that everyone has different support requirements when sleeping on a mattress. What’s considered too soft or firm for one person is considered ideal for another.

Since the mattress is too plush for my body, it’s not surprising that I didn’t experience the overall support that my spine requires. But to reiterate, this mattress may provide the perfect support for sleepers who have undergone multiple back, or even hip, surgeries and for whom the slight “cratering” is a welcome and comfortable reprieve on their pressure points. In addition, individuals who love a softer, plusher feel of a mattress may find that it exceeds their expectations.

Sleep Metro Tip

The Gap Test is an accurate way to determine whether or not your spine is adequately supported, especially for the recessed areas of your body (your waist and lower back). When I conducted this test on the Voila mattress, it passed with flying colors.

Resiliency (Bounce)

Voila Resiliency Test

When I pressed my hand down onto the mattress, the push-back was fairly quick, with a recovery of only a couple of seconds. This is due to the gel-infused memory foam top layer -- one of memory foam’s characteristics is that it has exceptional resiliency.

For couples who don’t mind the feeling of being enveloped and cradled by their mattress, it may work well for them during intimacy. The combination of a memory foam top layer for comfort and the core pocket coils provides some level of bounce that may enhance a couple’s sexual experience, though in my experience, the Soft firmness may not be one of the best mattresses for sex that I would recommend. The Medium or Firm levels would be better options for couples during intimacy.

Pressure Point Relief

The mattress scored high marks for pressure point relief. Of the 4 types of innersprings, pocket coils have the ability for greater body contouring. The gel-infused memory foam, Talalay latex comfort layers and pocket coils all combine to absorb the pressure points of the sleeper. From my experience, the Voila mattress Soft (Plush) does not require a mattress topper for additional comfort.

Edge Support + Sinkage

To establish how the mattress performs for edge support, I tested it in six different ways. The Voila mattress performed above average under all six tests:

The first test involved sitting with my derriere perched right at the edge of the mattress with most of my weight concentrated in a limited area. In this test, the edge sinkage was approximately 2 inches when compressed.

The second test comprised of sitting farther back, as one would do when getting out of bed in the morning. For this test, the sinkage was approximately 1 inch.

The third test was conducted by lying stretched out at the very edge of the mattress. There was no sensation that I was rolling off the bed as with some memory foams. The sinkage was approximately 1 inch.

The fourth test was to test for sinkage when sleeping on my side. Since I have a curvy body shape, my hips are prone to feel more pressure in a side sleeping position. The total sinkage was approximately 1.5 to 2.5 inches (based on less than 120 pounds of body weight and a small build).

The fifth test determined sinkage when sleeping on my back. In this sleeping position, I experienced little sinkage at 1 to 2 inches.

The sixth test measured sinkage by concentrating all my weight onto one area in the center of the mattress. Here, the sinkage was the most out of all the tests at approximately 4 inches.

Noise Level

Because of the nature of their design and due to the compression and decompression movement of the steel, innersprings may be noisy or become noisy over time.

The Voila mattress was only marginally noisy (not nearly enough to be annoying). I attribute this fact to the following:

  • The pocket coils are individually wrapped in fabric
  • The coil layer is sandwiched between several layers of foam, thereby muffling any sound

As a consumer, I wouldn’t consider the noise level of the Voila mattress to be a deal breaker in my purchase decision. However, if 100% lack of noise is one of the main criteria you’ve set in shopping for your ideal mattress, hybrids and innersprings are most likely not for you. In this case, a 100% memory foam mattress may be a better option, depending on your preferences for comfort and support.

Motion Transfer

There is no way to get around the fact that whenever a mattress is constructed with innersprings, there will naturally be some motion transfer, albeit a minimum amount. Though out of the 4 types of innersprings, pocket coils exhibit the least amount of motion.

While sleeping on the Voila mattress, I was aware of some motion every time my husband, Paul, got out of bed. However, it was minimal, and I certainly didn’t experience the sensation of being tossed into the air.

12 Voila Hybrid Soft

A Breakdown of the Layers That Make Up The 12-inch Voila Hybrid Mattress (Soft/Plush)
There are 12 Layers + The Cover

Durability and Quality of Materials

Since the top, or comfort, layers of the Voila are made of Memory foam, let’s address it first. As I mentioned in a previous review about Memory foam, its density ranges from poor (3 pounds-per-cubic-foot or less) to medium (4 pounds-per-cubic foot) to high-quality (5 pounds-per-cubic-foot or greater) in mattresses. 

The most important factor in determining the durability of memory foam is to consider the density (or pounds per cubic foot) of the layers above the core (support) layer. There is a direct correlation between density and durability. A higher density foam equates to better durability.

Ideally, a minimum of 4 pounds per cubic foot is preferable for memory foams used in the top comfort layers of a mattress, unless the mattress is 2-sided, in which case 3 pounds per cubic foot is acceptable.

In the case of the Voila Hybrid Soft (Plush), the 2.5-inch top comfort level comprises of 3 pounds per cubic foot Gel Memory Foam (also called Visco-elastic). This means it’s 1 inch lower per cubic foot than I would prefer to see in a comfort layer and may start to compress sooner than a memory foam that is 4 pounds per cubic foot or greater.

Individuals who are overweight and have a high Body Mass Index, or BMI (30 or greater) may not be a good fit for the Soft level of firmness for this mattress. In this case, the Firm may be the best option for support. Individuals with a low to normal BMI (18.5 to 24.9) would experience greater benefit from the Soft and; therefore, the mattress may be better suited to them.

Regardless, the 0.75-inch of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot of poly foam for edge-to-edge and side wall edge support are good densities (see image of Voila Hybrid Soft layers). The 0.75-inch Talalay latex is also first-rate quality.

Innersprings generally outlast memory and polyurethane foams, and the pocket coils used in the support core of the Voila mattress are no exception.

Overall, on a scale of “Fair,” “Good,” "Above Average" and “Stellar,” I would rate the Voila Hybrid Soft as “Above Average” for both quality of materials and durability.

The cover is made with a stretch polyester fabric and breathable mesh around the circumference of the mattress. The fabric has a heavenly soft and plush feel to it that for me has an almost catatonic calming effect when I lie on it.

Stretched Polyester with Breathable Mesh on Side

Stretched Polyester textured cover with breathable mesh fabric
around the mattress circumference


Both my husband and I felt slightly warm during the night. But I attribute this to the fact that our bodies were sinking into the mattress, which caused a cratering effect and the mattress to sleep moderately warm.


Upon setting up the mattress, there was quite a strong chemical smell emanating from it. However, after the first day, I had to place my nose right up against the mattress in order to detect any smell. By the second day, the off-gassing had completely dissipated.

Category B: Brand Reputation

Customer Service

After an exhaustive search, there was no evidence of any customer reviews online, either on Amazon or within unbiased mattress forums. I attribute this to the fact that Voila is still a relatively new brand and as such customers have not yet left reviews online. There were several positive reviews on Voila’s homepage from both customers as well as Forbes and Inc. magazines.

My personal experience with Voila is that 2 weeks after accepting my free mattress to review, I received a followup email that had my mattress warranty attached and an invitation to contact customer service in the event I was dissatisfied or had questions. Additionally, I received a second invitation email a few weeks later requesting that I leave feedback on the Voila website.

Judging from my experience and those customers who left feedback, Voila is definitely customer service oriented.

Brand Transparency

During the process of writing up my review, I emailed my contact at Voila several times to fact check specifications of the mattress. He was forthcoming in providing the information I requested. It is important to note that, for proprietary reasons, brands are not required to share the densities of the foams and materials used inside their mattresses with consumers. So it speaks volumes when a brand is willing to share this type of information publicly, as in the case of Voila.

Accurate + Detailed Information on Website

The website has a minimalist feel and look to it, which makes navigating it a pleasant experience.
It also has a FAQs section that answers relevant questions a potential customer may ask about the Voila experience.

Warranty + Return/Refund Policy

Warranties typically do not cover visible indentations or body impressions. However, I’m impressed that Voila’s warranty does indeed extend to including 0.75 inch or greater for the above, provided of course that the mattress is supported on a suitable foundation. The warranty coverage overall is valid for 10 years.

At Sleep Metro, we're always negotiating the best discounts for you. If you're interested in the 
100-night free trial and trying out the
Voila mattress, remember to use our exclusive discount coupon code Sleepmetro10 for a 10% saving off your new mattress.

Updated on June 6, 2017:
Several months ago, when I initially wrote my review about my experience sleeping
on a Voila mattress, there were no reviews both on the brand's website or
on the internet in general. However, Voila now has reviews on its site,
so the following User Feedback section has been upgraded
from "Inconclusive"
to the percentages as listed.

Category C: User Feedback

The following feedback from customers are based on 30 reviews from the Voila website. Out of
the 30 reviews, 83% of customers gave 5 stars, 1% gave 4 stars and less than 1% gave 3 stars.
Overall, customers expressed their satisfaction with Voila, both in terms of quality of product
as well as customer service.

  • Users who expressed they’ve had the best sleep in a long time.
63 %
  • Users who highly recommend the mattress to others.
33 %
  • Users who believe that their mattress purchase is a good value
    for money.
23 %

Summary of Mattress Performance


  • Uses pocket coils, which are typically more durable than the other 3 types of coils.
  • Poly foam density per cubic foot in support layer is of a good quality.
  • Talalay latex is of a good quality.
  • As a hybrid, it provides the advantages of both memory foam and innersprings (comfort + support + durability)
  • Cover is deliciously soft and plush; on par with a spa retreat and an upscale hotel
  • Cover is moisture wicking
  • Individuals who have undergone back or hip surgeries may benefit from the plush feel and cratering sensation.
  • No-flip (only requires head-to-toe turning)
  • 100 nights risk-free trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Stress-free return/refund policy


  • Made in China (this may be an issue for many people, which is why I mention it)
  • Soft firmness may provide insufficient support for some individuals
  • Slightly noisy
  • Slight motion transfer
  • Exceptionally heavy (King size weighs a solid 164 pounds); could prove to be difficult to set up for only one person, especially for women
  • May be unsuitable for heavy and/or overweight sleepers with a high BMI (30 or greater)

Sleep Metro Star Rating

Feel + Comfort
Overall Support

Resiliency (Bounce)

Pressure Point Relief
Edge Support + Sinkage

Minimal Noise Level

Motion Transfer

Durability + Quality 


Off Gassing (Smell)


The Voila 12 “ Soft (Plush) Is Right For You If:

  • You love a lusciously soft, plush feel
  • You’ve had back and/or hip surgery and require a soft feel to relieve pressure points
  • You prefer a hybrid: It provides the comfort of memory foam and the support of innersprings


Though I personally experienced the Soft firmness to be too soft, I still consider the core (support) materials of the mattress to be of good quality. My only concern is that unless you have a low to moderate BMI, the 3 pounds-per-cubic-foot Gel Memory foam top layer may start to compress sooner and won't be as durable.

Nonetheless, I believe that if I had chosen the Medium or even the Firm level, I would’ve felt more supported. A FYI: the Firm level includes a layer of 4 pounds per cubic foot of Gel Memory foam. The higher pounds-per-cubic-foot may positively affect the durability of the mattress, which makes it suitable for individuals of all weights.

The Voila mattress is solid and well constructed with quality materials. I'm confident stating that it's a fine choice for individuals who love the feeling of being suspended within a cloud.